Villages Quilt

Here, to grace the pages of our Crackpot Website, are photos of the heart quilt that we all made this summer at Lake Goshorn and which I just delivered to The Villages here in Lafayette a couple of days ago. First, two pictures of the quilt taken in our living room:
Villages quilt 2
villages quilt 1
And then a photo of the quilt being held by Vivian Leuck, manager of the Lafayette office of The Villages. This is the photo that I already e-mailed to all of you.
Vivian with quilt

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  1. Marty says:

    The photos look great! We do good work! At the Bloomington quilt show, Nancy and I saw a colorful quilt we could easily reproduce if we want to make another one to donate. And the quilt show had some fantastic quilts, including one by Sally Collins, who was one of the teachers. She has written several books, including one on using tiny (1/4″ square) pieces. The one on the display was on the cover of that book you had once from the library, Rebecca, and on some of the quilt wrapping paper I have.

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