Gee’s Bend quilt stamps

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Yes, yes, I know – I should be blogging about the wonderful full-size bed quilt that Ann and Nancy finished this summer, and which now resides (in resplendant glory) on our bed. And I will, I promise.

But first, all of you should run, not walk, to your nearest post office and buy some Gee’s Bend quilt stamps. They are stunning. I just got some this afternoon and I nearly walked into a wall leaving the post office because I was ogling them so much. (Okay, it was a glass wall, but still.)

I saw an article in the newspaper insert section called “Life” (I think based on the magazine? I’m not sure) about the quilts and the stamps a couple weeks ago, and wasn’t terribly impressed. I mean yes, it’s cool that these women make quilts out of cast-off fabric, and it’s terrific that they’ve parlayed their work into economic development for their community, but I didn’t really “get” the appeal of the quilts. But that’s because the photos in the article don’t do them justice – the stamps show the whole quilts, so you see the full effect of the colors and patterns and not-quite-perfect design.

Go. Buy.

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