Yikes! Crochet!

Here’s my first big crocheted project. I’m not converting away from knitting, but crochet is theoretically faster and produces thicker fabric than knitting, which sounded perfect for what afghans for Afghans is currently looking for.

baby blanket

Nothing too exciting here – the squares are made in the stitch known as “I thought I was doing half-double crochet but once I looked in a book of crochet stitches it turns out I misremembered it”, sewn together with single crochet, and with a double crochet border. The yarn is mostly Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted, with leftovers of other worsted-weight wool yarns. Cathy may recognize the gray yarn, which she sent me a while ago.

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  1. Marty says:

    It looks great, all put together. And the multicolored borders add a lot. Yeah, we were all talking about the half-double crochet stitch…

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