Fat Quarter Exchange

With all the Christmas lists floating around in cyberspace, it’s time to consider the Annual Fat Quarter Exchange. Do we want to do it again?

For those who don’t know, the Annual Fat Quarter Exchange occurs at sort of Christmas. Each of us brings several fat quarters. They are all put into a bag, and we take turns grabbing one out. The idea is that we each will take home as many fat quarters as we bring. Or something like that.

After that, the guidelines are a little loose. Some of us use this opportunity to create some temporary open space in the stash. Others give up leftovers from a completed project. Someone may contribute a sample of “I loved it once, but I can’t remember why.” There have occasionally been rumors of shopping for fat quarters to go in the exchange.

As far as wrapping goes, that varies, too. Some of the fat quarters are wrapped; others are not. After much pondering, I have concluded that the wrapping (or not wrapping) depends on whether the wrapper (or not wrapper) (not the rapper) has a very young child or has to bring the fat quarters on a commercial airline.

When we are not all together for Christmas (as opposed to not altogether there), a surrogate usually grabs for the absentee. The traditional way of conveying these fat quarters is in the tastefully decorated round oatmeal box, via USPS.

It’s a tradition, sorta… So what’s the plan for this year? And who has the oatmeal box?

2 Responses to “Fat Quarter Exchange”

  1. Cathy says:

    I think I have the oatmeal box. More later when I’ve had a chance to think about this.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hmmm, I always enjoy the fat quarter exchange. Maybe we could get at least 4 of us together in the days after Christmas. Maybe Ann could get the oatmeal box from Cathy and we could fill it up for her if she’s not able to be there. I would encourage not buying more fabric because I’m currently feeling guilty about having too much fabric and too little self-discpline, but of course no one should be forbidden to buy fabric if there’s something that has to be in the exchange.

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