Practically Instant and Instantly Practical Knitting Project

Here’s a little project I whipped up over the weekend. I bought the yarn yesterday, and finished the knitting before lunch today.

A knitted rectangle. What could be more exciting?

Actually, it’s a neckwarmer made of lovely soft baby alpaca yarn. Super easy to knit: Pretend I’m making a hat with K3P1 ribbing, and instead of decreasing to make it into a hat, just bind off.

I hate wearing turtlenecks, but I keep my thermostat relatively low during the winter and spend each morning wandering around with wet hair.* Wearing a scarf makes me feel much warmer and is quite helpful when I sleep strangely and end up with a stiff neck/shoulders, but scarves are not always practical for indoor wear. If I wear a scarf that matches my outfit, does that mean I also can only eat food that matches the scarf in case I dangle the ends in my soup?

*yes, I could buy a blow dryer, but I’d rather knit.

And, in use:

2 Responses to “Practically Instant and Instantly Practical Knitting Project”

  1. Marty says:

    Very cool! Er, warm! Love the title!

  2. Cathy says:

    Hey, I think I know a tall, thin, permanently-cold, scarf-wearing-around-the-house guy who could use one of these for a Christmas gift! Do you take commissions?

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