Spinning update

Here’s my first plied yarn! I’m very excited to have produced something that even a layperson would identify as yarn. Not spectacularly wonderful yarn, but hey – I’m new at this. It’s 25 grams of yarn, about 40 yards, 2-ply. My plying technique definitely needs some, well, technique. (click to biggify the picture; penny included for scale)

First Yarn!

First Yarn!

I’ve now started on my first not-just-for-practice spinning. This is some corriedale (that’s a kind of sheep) from Four Crows Farm, located in southern WI. I’ve got over 8 ounces of roving, which is a ball bigger than a basketball. I’m not sure what this will turn out to be. Socks, eventually, maybe? Or something lacy? It’ll depend on how thick/soft/tightly spun the yarn is is once it’s plied and washed. Those are variables that I can theoretically control, but I’m not experienced enough to be able to decide what I want in a yarn, and then produce it.

Singles, penny provided for scale; click to biggify

I hope you can see that I’m now doing much better at keeping the thickness of the yarn even. I still need to work out some ergonomics issues (holding my arm in the air while spinning for extended periods is not terribly comfortable); maybe I need to buy a spinning wheel?

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