Machine Quilting on my New Machine

I recently tried doing some machine quilting on my new sewing machine for the first time. I had bought a walking foot for it when I bought the machine, so it just took a little time to attach that, and I was ready to go. So far, I’m very happy with the results! It feels similar to machine quilting on Marty’s machine, and the ‘stop with needle down’ function is very handy. (Unfortunately, my new sewing machine did not come with Grandparent Babysitters who will play with the boys and allow for long periods of uninterrupted quilting – bummer!) I’ve just been quilting in the ditch on a Project Which Cannot Be Revealed to Some Crackpots at this Time so far. I haven’t tried any free motion quilting. My machine does allow you to lower the feed dogs but it doesn’t come with the presser foot for free motion quilting, and I didn’t buy one, so that will wait for some other day when I’m feeling ambitious.

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