On Second Thought…

Here’s a picture of the multicolor print where you can see the pattern and the colors better.

I’ve started working on the borders now. I tried a plain white 2″ border but found that I didn’t like it. It was too boring and stopped the pattern of white sashing with solid color posts (am I using the right terms here?) that worked so well in the main part of the quilt. So, I came to the same conclusion that Cathy suggested in her comment: continue the white sashing and solid posts in the first border. Here is the result:
I really like it! Now the only question is – what next? The two options I am pondering at the moment are 1) stopping here and just adding binding, which I think this will emphasize the solids, or 2) adding a border of the multicolor print, followed by binding in the multicolor print, which I think will increase the emphasis on the print as the theme of the quilt. What to do? I think I will mull it over for a few days before proceeding. Input is welcome!

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