Delinquent Crackpot

posted by Ann

Thanks to a high school classmate who asked me in an e-mail about my quilting and whether I have a web site, I checked into our blog for the first time in ages and discovered all sorts of posts, all sorts of news, an impressive number of posts by Nancy, and a new look to the blog. Now I feel like a Delinquent Crackpot. And its NaBloPoMo time, so I will now attempt to make up for my laxness by posting frequently.
One thing I have noticed about the change in the blog administration is that postings are no longer identified by author at the top, which I found a bit confusing at first as I tried to catch up, so I plan to try to remember to alert you all as to who I am at the top of my posts.
More later. Well, tomorrow, to be precise. Gotta keep those NaBloPoMo stats up!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Yes, I also noticed that it’s kind of confusing not having the author of a post immediately identified. I’ll try to remember to put my name in the top of my posts, too. That’s a good idea.

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