New Books

Over the weekend we went to visit Grandma Ann and Grandpa Lou. While the boys were happily playing with their grandma, Eric and I had some time to do some browsing at the bookstore. (Memo to Marty: This bookstore also has an enormous collection of beads – you will definitely want to check it out!) I got two new sewing and quilting-related books. The first one is At Home with Patrick Lose. What drew me to it was the plate and utensils placemat in the center of the first row of the cover and the Woven Rainbow quilt on the bottom left. He uses lots of bright colors, which I’m sure is part of what caught my eye. The second book I bought is Sew What! Fleece. It has some cool, simple projects, and of course, you can never have too many ideas for Crackpotty Projects, right?

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