Sesame Street Turns 40!

Sesame Street 40th Season

Ok, so this is neither quilty nor crafty, but when it’s NaBloPoMo and you’ve been sick, you take what you can get! Tuesday November 10, 2009 is Sesame Street’s 40th Birthday! (Andrew just pointed out that Brett Favre is one year older than Sesame Street – I guess that means he’s REALLY old!) I hear Michelle Obama is going to stop by and teach how to plant a garden. Set your TV recording devices if you have one…

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  1. Ann says:

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to post about Sesame Street’s 40th birthday on our blog. Sesame Street is brilliant, and so are we! (Well, not nearly as brilliant as the Sesame Street people who thought up “Desperate House Plants,” but brilliant in our own way.) Anyone who listens to NPR certainly knew about the anniversary, but I didn’t hear anyone on NPR compare the ages of Brett Favre and SS. I did hear an interview with Gordon, whose name is not actually Gordon. But he has been playing Gordon for 37 years. And Steve Inskeep interviewed Carroll Spinney, who has been Big Bird and Oscar for a very long time. He is one of my heroes. Carroll Spinney, that is; not Steve Inskeep. Nancy, did you get to see Michelle Obama? Do you have a portable copy of the show that you can bring to Thanksgiving? I’d love to see it!

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