Gift Bag Making Continues

by Nancy

Gift Bag 2
Fabric Gift Bag + Crochet Letter = 2(Crackpottiness) = 2 times the Crackpottiness

Gift Bag 1
This is my first bag which features a ribbon for tying sewn into the seam. The ribbon I am using here is one-sided, and the first time I sewed it in, I did it the wrong way, so that the wrong side of the ribbon was out when I got the bag turned right-side-out. But it was easy to correct, and the second time I got it!

I’m getting better at making the bags big enough for the gift that is supposed to go in them. I’ve been keeping a record of what size fabric I start with and how the bag turns out, which is helping me a lot. Ignore the 2.5 times/3 times the height of the gift formula I mentioned in my previous post. I was confusing width and height. (Not a good thing to do!). After writing that post, I made a bag which was way too skinny and much higher than I needed, but I caught my mistake before it was complete and was able to correct it before things were too far gone!

For those wondering, yes, I am still crocheting. But most of the things I am making must be kept secret from at least one Crackpot, so I can’t post them at this time. But I will have lots of things to show off after December 25! 🙂

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  1. Marty says:

    I’ll be interested in seeing the formula you perfect for gift bag size. My method is pinch and eyeball, not too scientific.

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