Secrets Revealed!

by Nancy


Now that people have opened their Christmas gifts, I can finally post pictures of my classified crackpot crochet activities! The penguin shown above was a Christmas gift for Cathy, who is a big penguin fan. Ann received a crocheted cup of tea:

Crochet teacup

Rebecca received a crocheted s’more. (The graham cracker is a little floppy – possibly due to my using 100% cotton yarn for this one. Acrylic yarn might have yielded a firmer cracker.)

Crochet smore

I made Marty a set of crocheted balls for practicing her juggling, which I forgot to take a picture of! Maybe she can post a picture of the balls in use!

More to come another day…

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  1. Ann says:

    I just love all your Crackpotty crocheted foods! And I am very proud to be the recipient of a crocheted cup of tea. It is on the shelf of the garden window in the kitchen and looks wonderful there! Many thanks for a memorable gift!

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