Crackpot Summer Plans?

by Nancy

It’s about a month until All Together Week – yay! What would crackpots like to do this year? The traditional making of blocks for a charity or Project Linus quilt or top? What pattern? I like the past year’s Project Linus kites, but I’m open to anything. Or do we want to do something different? Everyone get together and sew on our current projects? A workshop by Marty on making little zippered bags? A workshop by me on making a reusable shopping tote?

What do all of you think?

4 Responses to “Crackpot Summer Plans?”

  1. Ann says:

    Well, goodness, decisions, decisions. I will be happy with any of the above – or even all of the above, but we need to leave time for Captain Sundae, kayaking, theatre-going, and sandbox playing. Not to mention the lake. A workshop from Marty on little zipper bags may be tops on my list since I am still intimidated by zippers and haven’t installed one in about 30 years. Then again, I DO like your shopping totes, and I’m sure I could really use one, and I can picture myself getting carried away and making scads of them. Then, just to add another variable, there is the possibility of Korean-style tissue box covers. One of my tax clients gave me one (don’t tell – we aren’t supposed to accept gifts of any kind) and after I figured out how it works, I became impressed by its simplicity. It’s just a rectangle of fabric, no zipper, no buttonholes, just a bit of velcro. And of course the rectangle can be pieced. Since I don’t think it is possible to post photos in a comment, (Cathy – is that correct??) I’ll promptly add a post so you can see what it looks like.

  2. cathy says:

    Hi all! No, I don’t think you can post an image in a comment, but I see that Ann has already gotten around that limitation by putting it in its own post!

    As for what to do during All Together Week, I would vote for another quilt top: I don’t really have an ongoing project to work on (though I am trying to get back to hand-quilting the Half Square Triangle quilt and may bring that with me), and I like the collaborativeness of the quilt tops. I have a slight preference for pieced over paper-pieced, but I’m happy with either kind.

    I definitely DO want to do a Quilting Day or Quilting Morning, though, and I have already informed the men in my family that they will be On Their Own for that morning/day, so there.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I vote for another quilt top – I don’t have any sewing-projects-in-progress. (ok, I probably do, but I’ve been in denial of them for quite some time). I like the kite pattern – would the plan be for scrappy kites?

  4. Marty says:

    I’m flexible. I’ll have sewing machines, ironing board, tea, coffee and teddy grahams ready for whatever we decide.

    Private tutoring in zippers could be arranged.

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