by Nancy

Well, I’m very relieved to hear that I was not responsible for nearly crashing the blog! While I’m waiting to hear if anyone else wants to weigh in on the options for Crackpot Quilting Day, I thought I’d post a picture of the placemats I’ve been making. I got the focus fabric at Fields a while ago. The pattern is free from the JoAnn’s website. Unlike other placemats I’ve made, this one doesn’t have binding around the edge. Instead, you layer the top, batting, and a piece of muslin and quilt that. Then, you place the quilted top and real backing right sides together and sew around them except for a hole for turning it right side out. The result is slightly thicker than other placemats I’ve made. It may have been slightly faster because I didn’t have to do binding. Overall, I’m pleased, though I think my general preference is for a standard binding for placemats.

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