Alternative Crackpot Project

By Ann

Some Crackpots are aware that I have been floating a proposal for a possible alternative Crackpot project for Summer 2011, namely the assembly of 12 sampler blocks that I made a long time ago (the signature block is dated 2001) along with sashing and border fabric acquired a long time ago (there is a note with the fabrics in Nancy’s handwriting from her pre-motherhood days showing the calculations for the sashing and border yardage needed) into a quilt top for Grandpa Jim. Calculations made at the time, which will have to be verified (possibly with the assistance of talented first and third graders), show that everything will be just right for a twin bed sized quilt. To facilitate the discussion, here is what we have to work with (only 6 of 13 available blocks are shown):

I will be bringing the actual stuff to the Thanksgiving Gathering next week, and we can discuss it further then, between food, football, and PLAYING.

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  1. cathy says:

    Oooh, I like this! I think the colors and patterns would look really good in his room. Which doesn’t so much have a “color scheme” other than “institutional,” but I think this wouldn’t clash with it.

    And I shrunk your image just a smidge because it was wider than the blog template, so the blog was squeezing it to fit and it was looking kind of squashed. I hope this looks better. And the post just above is even better than this!

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