Gifts for Hungary

by Ann

Now that it is time to be getting Serious about Christmas, I have been working at finishing the counted cross stitch ornaments that I made for my two Hungarian grandchildren, Blanka and Kristof,  last winter. I started on them shortly after Christmas when I am usually inspired to do things Christmasy, and finished the stitching sometime in March or thereabouts. Then they got put aside in favor of more fun stuff, like the beginning of the nativity set I am making for James. I remembered to bring them here to the CLH for finishing and just got them done. Each one is backed with a piece of stiff cardboard and finished with a piece of small-print Christmas fabric. I forgot to take a photo of the backs, and I am too lazy to get the camera out again, so you will just have to imagine what they look like. The backs are cute but boring.

Now I just have to shop for some gifts for the grown-ups. Not nearly as much fun.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Very cute!

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