Progress on my Crochet Scarf!

by Nancy

I’m very happy to report that I have finally found a way I like to connect the squares in my crochet scarf! For those who are interested, I am single crocheting the squares together, working in the back loop only of one square and the top loop only of the other square. This will be the back of the scarf. I’m using navy yarn to connect the squares. You can see how it looks in this picture:

The front of the scarf looks more plain, which is what I wanted to achieve. Here is a close-up of that:

Now that I finally like my joining method, it’s going pretty quickly and is not as monotonous as I feared it might be. Yay! I currently have 16 rows done. The pattern calls for 20 rows, but I may do a few extras so the scarf is a little longer.

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