Belated Blogging

I haven’t been a completely unproductive Crackpot, just a lazy blogger. Let’s start catching up!

According to my camera, I finished this quilt in May – it’s for Isaiah, the son of a college friend. His older sister was the recipient of another baby quilt.
Here it is:

The back is a cozy flannel dinosaur print:

Continuing the baby project theme, another college friend had a baby last month. Rebekkah (aka K2) is the person who inspired me to start spinning, so it’s fitting that her son Miles (aka Miko, fka Scorn Tiberius) is the recipient of my first handspun sweater. The sweater yarn is spun from superwash merino wool from Blue Moon Fiber Arts which my parents gave me for Christmas. I’ve still got a bunch of yarn leftover, so I might make a hat for Milo at some point. The trim yarn is commercial yarn.

And the inside:

I’ve got a couple other projects finished, but I won’t blog them until I’ve sent them to their recipients.

2 Responses to “Belated Blogging”

  1. Marty says:

    Both are very cute! I love the sweater.

  2. Ann says:

    Very cool, Rebecca. I’m impressed with your spinning skills. Do you have a spinning wheel, or did you manage to spin that evenly with a drop spindle??

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