Back online!

Hello, crackpots!

Well, we disappeared from the internets for a week or so while I worked out some kinks on our web hosting, but we appear to be back online and functional now.  We’re also upgraded to the most recent version of WordPress, so you may see some slight changes to the “back end” when you go to write a new post.

Now I’m going to work on migrating my professional blog, and hope that it doesn’t go dark for a whole week, since it’s an important element in the portfolio for my pre-tenure review, which is being considered by the Rank and Tenure committee right now. Eeeep!

Also, I will be working on a way to have the posts automatically indicate who wrote them.  Real soon now. I promise. 🙂

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  1. Ann says:

    You are a great Webmistress, Cathy!Thank you, thank you!

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