Life on the Edge

by Nancy

I’m working on the edge of my afghan now.


(The red pieces of yarn are just markers to help me count the stitches.)  It’s going well, though it does take a l-o-n-g time to get all the way around it.  I have done two rounds of white single crochet and a round of purple single crochet.  I’ve started the next round, which has me doing a spike stitch for the first time.

Spike Stitch

It covers up some of the purple in the previous round so that the border looks mostly white with small purple (and in a later round, yellow) squares.

I’ve also started a small new crochet project: a hat for myself.

divine hat1

It’s made from this pattern and comes together very quickly.  I’m a little unsure about how the size will turn out, so it might end up being a hat for someone else if it doesn’t fit.

I’ve chosen the fourth block I’d like to do for the Secret Quilting Project, too!

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