Needle Case

by Nancy

There’s nothing like a visit to a quilt show for sewing inspiration. Since I’ve finished my current assignment for the secret Crackpot Quilt Project, I don’t have anything specific that I’m piecing right now. Of course, I could work on one of the Unfinished Objects in the basement. Actually, with Marty’s help last weekend, I did! I’m finishing up some hand sewing on it and then I’ll be ready to show it off here.

So, I felt like starting a very small new project – something that would provide fairly immediate gratification. I remembered a cute little needle case in my book 5-10-15+ Fat Quarters that I’ve been wanting to make, and that seemed like the perfect thing. Here is how it looks on the outside:
Needle Case

And on the inside:
Needle Case inside
The pockets are more decorative than functional. The inside is flannel, and there’s a thin layer of batting in between it and the flower fabric. I’m quite pleased with the result of my efforts!

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  1. cathy says:

    Very cute! I have my own Very Small Project that I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time, which I hope to be able to make some progress on over Spring Break. All I need is some interfacing and I will be ready to go!

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