Extremely Crackpotty Project

by Nancy

Fellow Crackpots, I have stumbled upon what may be the most Crackpotty Project I have ever seen!  I was browsing through the craft books at Hobby Lobby and came upon the book Modge Podge Rocks! Decoupage Your World by Amy Anderson.  There are an amazing number of things you can do with Modge Podge, but by far the best among them is that you can decorate your bike helmet with fabric scraps:

How amazingly crackpotty is that?  I have a bike helmet, lots of fabric scraps, and some Modge Podge, so I may just have to try this!  Or maybe this would be a Crackpot activity for next year’s All Together Week…

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  1. Ann says:

    Oh, goodness!! Count me in on this one!!! Maybe on my next visit….

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