Not Really Finished At All Object

So here is what I was finally able to finish piecing this weekend:

Mystery Quilt Center

Alert readers will recognize this as the central block in this quilt, whose previous status was documented here.  I had this central block pieced except for the last two seams for over a month — possibly two months? — before I was able to sew those last two seams!

But sewing those last two seams was enough to allow me to lay out the following on the floor:

Mystery Quilt laid out

Which is the entire quilt top, more or less.

Alert readers will also note that the corner log cabin blocks have been painstakingly taken apart and re-pieced, and are now no longer 1/4″ too small in both dimensions.  Taking them apart and re-piecing them also allowed me to change out the fabric in the outer “logs” to match the GIANT PURPLE TRIANGLES OF DOOM so that I get the same “floating” effect that Ann did in her rendition of the quilt. Silver lining, maybe?

Anyway, I’m very pleased with it! The next step is, well, sewing all the pieces together (which is what I’ve been doing all along, isn’t it?) but in this case, actually putting the whole thing together.  I don’t expect this to happen quickly, because long seams take a much longer time to set up, pin, sew, etc. than shorter ones. But this is the largest thing I’ve pieced to date, so it’s exciting, and challenging!

2 Responses to “Not Really Finished At All Object”

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow! It looks great! And I’m very impressed with your patience taking apart and re-sewing those log cabin blocks.

  2. Ann says:

    Wow, Cathy! this is just great! Much better than mine.I love the GIANT PURPLE TRIANGLES OF DOOM! And, like Nancy, I’m mightily impressed by your patience in re-piecing the log cabin blocks. In a year or so, when you have it stitched together, maybe we should take a photo of both quilts and both quilters and send it to Quiltmaker for our 15 sec . of fame.

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