The Story of Anna’s Quilt

by Nancy

Well, no one has posted yet in 2014, and I think it’s time someone crackpotty posted something crackpotty, so here you go…

Back in May 2013, a fantastic young woman, Anna, graduated from Bloomington High School South. I had the honor of being her Confirmation Sponsor at First Presbyterian Church and wanted to give her a special gift for graduation. Of course, a quilt came to mind. This idea didn’t come to mind with enough time to make a quilt for her graduation, but I did think of it in time for her graduation. So, I gave her a “quilt to be made” for graduation. That way, she could have some say in the pattern and colors.

In June 2013 Anna and I made a trip to JoAnn Fabrics. She didn’t have any definite ideas about colors or patterns, but she said she liked red and wasn’t opposed to flowers. After lots and lots of looking, we chose these fabrics:

Then, over ice cream, we chose this pattern from Quiltmaker Magazine:

The colors would be a lot different and there wouldn’t be appliqué in the borders and there probably wouldn’t be as many hexagon flowers, but we had a starting point. I didn’t know if I could finish by the time Anna left for college, but my hope was to have it ready for her when the weather got colder.


Umm, well. Then in July I got a part-time German teaching job and life got much busier. Time to adjust expectations. But there has been progress…


Even when my sewing machine had to be relocated temporarily for the sunroom windows to be refurbished, I continued working.

The quilting is done, and now I am sewing on the last of the hexagon flowers! My new goal is for her to be able to take it with her when she returns to college for her sophomore year.

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