This week’s Crackpot Projects

by Nancy

This week’s crackpot projects have mostly been the non-fabric kind.  I went in to school for a while on Monday to  work on room set-up and organization.  I am not nearly as good at classroom decorating as some of the elementary teachers  I used to work with or many of the teachers whose  rooms I see on Pinterst.  Thankfully, the expectations  for high school classrooms aren’t quite as high, but I do still want my room to have some color and organization.  The board below is for posting the agenda for each of the different levels of German I’ll be teaching.



On this bulletin board I have written the German expressions I use a lot in class.  Then I’ve posted our class “tools,” which are online dictionaries and verb conjugation sites that we use a lot.  Finally, there’s a place to post “outlaw verbs,” also known as irregular verbs.



I also worked on organizing the cabinets with student supplies like white boards, dry erase markers, glue, scissors, index cards, etc that I want to be easily accessable to students.  It’s starting to feel a bit more like “my” room and ready for the school year, which is a good thing since school starts in just over 3 weeks!

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