How to log in to the blog

Okay, here we are at the bottom of the page!

So, the first thing you’ll want to do is log in to the blog, so that you can post comments on other people’s entries (or even on your own!) and post entries of your own.

Over in the right-hand sidebar, there’s a section labeled “LOGIN HERE”. It should look like this:

Where to log in

Click on the link for “Login,” and you’ll be taken to a login screen that asks for your name and password (which is what you got on the little card in your gift box). Both the name and the password are case-sensitive, so pay attention to capitalization! Also, you can change your password if you like, and if you ever forget your password, there’s a link on the login page to reset it. Or, just let Cathy know and she can reset it for you.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to a page called the “Dashboard,” which looks something like this:

What the Dashboard looks like

This page contains news and information for people who administer blogs, but you can ignore all of it – that’s for Cathy to worry about. There are also links across the top for things you can do with the blog, like write entries or update your user information – we’ll get to all that later.

This whole side of the blog is the “back end” — the part where the internal workings of the blog happen — and it looks very different from the “front end” so it’s easy to tell which side you’re on. To get back to the front end of the blog, click on the link at the top of the page next to the title that says “View site.”

Once you’re back at the blog, you’ll know you’re logged in, because the links under “LOGIN HERE” will change and look like this:

What it looks like when you\'re logged in

“Site Admin” is the link that takes you to the back end – you’ll need this later when you decide to post an entry.

Your first assignment: log in using the link in the sidebar on the right, and then come back and read the next entry, “How to post a comment to the blog.”

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