Links added!

Hi everyone – I’ve taken advantage of the “Links” function in the blog to add some, well, links, to the sidebar. So far we have three categories: quilting links, crafty links, and “shameless commerce division.” I don’t have much in the quilting links section yet, but there’s a good deal in the crafty section, and a couple of good places to spend money as well.

Y’all can add links, and I think create new categories as well, just by using the “links” tab on the back end of the blog (it’s just to the right of the “write” tab). So if you know of any good sites that we all should know about, go ahead and add them!

Two additional notes: Rebecca, if you haven’t discovered it already, you really must go check out the “You Knit What??” blog. It’s hilarious. And I just noticed that if you’re looking at the site in Internet Explorer for Windows, a lot of the layout is all wonky. My apologies! it’s all wonky because there are some really large-sized photos on the front page, which breaks some of the formatting. Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari all resize the photos to make them fit, but IE doesn’t.

If you’re using IE and seeing the messed-up formatting, could you please comment below and let me know? If it’s a problem, I’ll see what I can do to shrink the photos. Remember when you’re uploading a photo, if it’s wider than about 500 pixels, you can have the blog create a thumbnail image for you automatically – just select the “small” thumbnail option when you upload it.

In the mean time, clicky clicky on the linky linkies!

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