Opening comments to the general public?

What are your thoughts on allowing the general public to add comments to our posts? I think it would be nice if friends-who-aren’t-relatives could add comments on our lovely creations, and I know wordpress has various ways to reduce/avoid comment spam.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Rebecca! that’s a good question – it really hadn’t occurred to me that non-Crackpots-with-a-capital-C might want to comment on the blog.

    I must say that, as the administrator, not having to worry about comment spam is wonderful, but just on principle I should probably learn more about the tools involved in reducing and preventing comment spam in WordPress. (and in just about 6 weeks, I’m going to have lots of time to learn about all kinds of things!)

    Another option might be for me to simply set up accounts for the non-capital-C Crackpots, which would be very easy, especially if there were a limited number and y’all could just send me their names and email addresses. This kind of takes away from the spontaneity of a friend coming to the blog and being immediately able to comment, but it would continue to keep the blog spam-free.

    What do other Crackpots think?

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