Norwegian Sweater Sleeves

As I previewed several months ago, I’m finally working on my Dale of Norway sweater. The sleeves are done and blocking! I did them first so I could perfect my gauge before diving into the body. I think my gauge is a wee bit off, so I’ll have to do some calculating and pondering to figure out what (if any) needle and sweater size changes to make for the body. The good thing about drop sleeves is that there is no shaped sleeve cap so I don’t need a match between body and sleeve proportions. I made the sleeves from the kids’ size 10 directions and was planning on the size 12 kids’ body (both with appropriate lengthening), so even if the sleeves are a bit wider than I’d planned, they’ll just be closer to the size 12 sleeve measurements.

You might be wondering about me making a kids’ size sweater – these patterns are quite oversized (see the picture of the pattern in my old post), and I’ve chosen the size to more-or-less match the size of the Norwegian sweater that I already own (thanks, Dad, for deciding that you think wool is itchy!). Having a finished sweater with measurements I like has been immensely helpful in figuring out how to do this project).


If I’ve posted the picture correctly, you should be able to click on it to get a larger version.

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