My next block

Here is my third block for the Todd baby Quilt #2. It is Darting Minnows.

Darting Minnows

This was made with the ruler set “Tri-Recs” I got at the Early Morning After Thanksgiving Joann’s Shopping Festival. It was a cinch to make those long narrow triangles with these rulers. You cut a strip the required size then use the rulers to cut, turning them upside down every other cut. To cut the mirror images of the long narrow triangles, you fold the strip right (or wrong) sides together and cut both at the same time. Everything fit together perfectly, which did not always happen in the past. I would recommend the “Tri-Recs” ruler set if you are going to make a number of blocks with these shapes–especially if you get them on sale.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on the rulers, Rebecca! I have always feared sharp pointy triangles like those because they seem awfully hard to piece. for that block, I think I might have punted and paper-pieced the squares with the pointy triangles, which is probably considered cheating.

  2. Rebecca says:

    That was actually Marty with the rule recommendation – I’ve had trouble with the pointy triangles in the past, so I’m going to check out that ruler before I attempt them again.

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