The Shawl

Here are some pictures of one of my two favorite Christmas gifts. (The other will remain unpublished because of the boys’ pictures on it.)

It is a shawl that Rebecca knitted for me. The yarn is wool and silk, and the lace knit is gorgeous. I just love it! The first picture is a full view.

shawl 1

In the next picture, you can see the detail of the knitting. Some project, isn’t it?

shawl detail 1

And how did she know that this blue was my favorite color?

2 Responses to “The Shawl”

  1. Ann says:

    This comment is really for Rebecca. How the heck did you knit this?? The center part is easy. It’s the border I couldn’t figure out when I saw the actual shawl when we were in MI last. It looks to me as though you picked up stitches on the long sides to do the border. But then how did you do the short sides? And how the dickens did you go around the corners without seams? I didn’t spend a lot of time analyzing it when I had it to look at. Did you pick up stitches all around the edge and then knit the edge in the round? Anyway, it’s a gorgeous shawl. Ann

  2. Cathy says:

    Oh, Rebecca, this is beautiful! I hope I get a chance to see it in person and feel the yarn; I can only imagine how wool and silk must feel. The lace knit is just amazing. There are some knitters at my workplace who are working on shawls, but nothing like this. Wow.

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