Mystery Quilt, Part Two

So the latest issue of Quiltmaker came out recently, with the next installment of the Mystery Quilt, four six-inch blocks of different flower designs. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed, since I don’t much care for flower blocks, but oh well.

Here are my renditions of the four new blocks, with the original block in the center:

Mystery Quilt, part two, with first block

Clockwise from upper left, they are Ruby Slipper, Trumpets of Spring, Dutch Touch (this one is foundation-pieced), and Log Cabin Star. Trumpets of Spring was hard – there are set-in seams and seams that have to turn corners in the piecing of this one, and they don’t really give you any guidance or tips on how to make the piecing work. Also, the directions for Ruby Slipper contain a typo; under “Assorted spring prints” where it says “(1 from each of 3 fabrics)” they really mean “(1 from each of 4 fabrics).”

2 Responses to “Mystery Quilt, Part Two”

  1. Marty says:

    I think it looks cool! Your color selections are really starting to show up. And those set in seams can be challenging. We had a program about quilting at AAUW last night–probably 50 quilts to pass around, all made by the same person. She does almost entirely hand piecing and hand quilting. Yow! She showed several mystery quilts and round robin quilts she had made. I’m looking forward to seeing how yours and Ann’s will look alike and different.

  2. Ann says:

    Whoa! Really cool, Cathy, I guess I’d better get cracking on my Phase II blocks. Like you, I have not been inspired by this set of blocks, but seeing yours helps get the quilting juices going. I especially like your judicious use of fabric from the first block in the four new blocks. I think your final project, whatever it is, will have a nice unity to it. I’m thinking of making this my quilting project for our next visit to the Cute Little House. After all, I do love piecing, and what is more fun than choosing fabrics for new blocks? (Well, I can think of lots of things, but messing with fabric is still pretty high up there. (-: )

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