Dale Sedalen Sweater

As promised, more pictures and details on my Dale sweater. The pattern is Dale 3006 – Sedalen. It’s out of print, but I’ve seen it at various places online. I knit the sweater with the recommended Dale Heilo yarn – the yarn, pattern, and accessories all came from Bea Ellis Knitwear about a year ago. I started knitting in October 2006, took some time off for some Christmas knitting and finished on February 12, 2007.

I completely adore this sweater.

And now for some pictures! Please excuse my horrendous photography.

This modeled shot is a little better than the one posted earlier this week. Note the super-high-tech tripod, aka roll of paper towels. (and no, my fly is not open – it’s the angle and lighting)
Sedalen Modeled

Here’s a detail shot of the sweater body. The fact that the large colorwork pattern is nearly aligned between the body and sleeve is pure coincidence.
Sedalen Body Detail

Here’s the neckline. You can see the mitering of the braid:
Sedalen Neck Detail

Here’s the back of the sweater, where you can see that the design is centered:
Sedalen Back Detail

I thought Ann might be interested in looking inside, where you can see the sleeve facing which covers the stitches which were sewn and cut for the sleeve hole:
Inside the Sleeve

If you’re not so into knitting geekery, you can probably stop reading now, but I wanted to address a few topics which have come up in a couple listservs that I belong to.

These details are already recorded in the lovely blank book that I got from Cathy for Christmas…

Sizing: I knit the size 12 kids’ body and size 10 kids’ sleeves, with some added length in the solid-colored sections. When I re-did the sleeve tops, I stopped increasing at the point where there were as many stitches as on the size 8 kids’ sleeves, so I probably could’ve done the size 8 sleeves (again, with added length) for a more gentle increase slope (instead of the more dramatic increases and a longer straight portion at the upper arm which you see in the pictures).

The result of the mix-and-match sizing is a sweater which is far less oversized than the Dale patterns depict (for the record, I typically wear a womens’ medium in shirts). The sweater came out exactly the size I wanted it.

I also changed the colorwork a bit, by using parts of the smaller patterns from the adult-sized pattern (the large colorwork design is the same for both kids and adults).

Steeking: Instead of knitting back and forth starting with the front neck shaping, I did a front neck steek. By the time I got to the back neck shaping, all of the rows were one-color knitting, so I knit back and forth. I do have a couple previous posts about steeking.

Pattern Alignment: On the pattern leaflet, the colorwork is not symmetrical with respect to the cardigan opening for the adult sweaters shown (it is for the kids’ sweater). I did some calculation and found that if I started at the right front (after the center front steek) with the stitch marked on the pattern and knit all the way around the sweater, I would end up with the pattern centered at the back and symmetry in front. I didn’t have to stop and re-start the pattern at the side seams.

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  1. Marty says:


  2. Cathy says:

    Among the many other amazing aspects of this sweater is how quickly you knit it! I would have expected this to take a year or more. Wow.

  3. Ann says:

    I’ll add my “awesome” to the other comments. I am almost inspired to get back to my Norwegian sweater, now that I have decided to avid steeking on the front placket and knit back and forth. I think that will solve all my problems with carrying yarn over longer distances than is advisable. But first, as a soon-to-be grandmother of a third grandchild, I have – um – other knitting priorities. (-:

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