Fair Isle Sweater Progress

I’ve been plugging along on the Fair Isle sweater, and I’m loving it – the colors, the patterns, the yarn, the fact that I’m making visible progress every time I change colors. I’m past the armpits, so there are now three sets of steek stitches which will later be cut to form armholes and the center front of the cardigan.

I’m sure all the crackpots will see the sweater in progress next week (I’m so smitten that I can’t bear to leave it behind for a week in favor of something that’s probably more appropriate travel knitting). For the blog readers I won’t be vacationing with (are there any?), here’s a current shot:

Hillswick Lumber Torso1

The stripey bit in the middle is where I’ll cut for the cardigan front, and if you look very closely at the top corners of the body, you’ll see where some stitches are being held on waste yarn to be later used when knitting the sleeves.

(oh, and if you’re wondering about the previous post, all will be revealed next week…)

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  1. Cathy says:

    Rebecca, that’s lovely! Wow, I’m completely impressed that you’re knitting (in wool, no less) in the middle of summer. It’s all I can do to even think about light cotton quilting fabric. (It doesn’t help that my sewing room is the hottest room in the house. That wasn’t so smart.)

    And yes, I was wondering about the previous post, but figured that either a) the email message with the password hadn’t arrived yet, or b) all would be revealed next week. 🙂 I could probably use my mad blog administrator skillz to peek at it, but I won’t, I promise.

  2. Ann says:

    Wow indeed, Rebecca! The colors are gorgeous. I can understand how addicting it can be. You always want to do just one more round to see how the next color/pattern will look. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person.

  3. Marty says:

    Rollie says, “Whoa!”

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