Eat Chocolate!

Yesterday was an “Eat Chocolate!” day. WooHoo!

So here is a photo of the Eat Chocolate page from my fabric journal.


It’s not finished yet, but you can tell a couple of things. First and most obvious, all the chocolate is dark chocolate, the most powerful kind. If you could see the detail, you would notice that each chocolate is decorated with embroidery that shows what the filling is. I’m sure you recognize the brown with pink dots ribbon. It was purchased when we were trying to keep someone away from the balloon fabric. The fabric journal has been in a box for a while, so it was fun to get it out look it out. Some day I’ll finish it.

Now in the interest of full disclosure: While I was checking out, my driver was eating Hershey’s kisses. I had a peppermint. What was I thinking! So we stopped down the road at Culver’s for a dairy based lunch. The Turtle Sundae was good for the winter, but nothing beats a real Tommy Turtle. And when my book group went out to dinner last night, I had Tiramisu. Not all that much chocolate, but filled with other valuable goodness. 🙂

3 Responses to “Eat Chocolate!”

  1. Ann says:

    Hey! How come no one told me about Eat Chocolate Day! Seriously, your latest ‘journal entry” looks yummy. What are the chocolates made of? I’m eagerly awaiting the finished product.

  2. Marty says:

    I started the chocolates with the finest essence of dark chocolate from an exotic region…

    Or in other words, they are made of several dark brown fabrics. First I embroidered different kinds of squiggles on circles or ovals of the fabric. I actually did a web search of different chocolate companies to find what symbols they use. There is absolutely no standardized system across brands. So I kind of made up my own. After the fabric was embroidered, I stitched around the edges and began to draw up the thread. Then I stuffed the chocolate with–well–fiberfill and tied off the thread. Next I had to come up with a way to make the little paper cups that each chocolate would sit in. After a number of tries, I decided to use eyelet. I cut a short piece, gathered the long edge opposite the embroidered edge, tied off the thread, and then folded the cut ends over and stitched them together.

    The next task is to figure out how to attach them to whatever the candy box or plate will be. That little problem has been floating around in my brain since early last spring. I finally got an idea from a beading book so sometime I will get going on that. This still does not deal with the issue of this journal page being much, much thicker than anything else in the book. That makes more complications for whatever binding method I decide to use. Hey, I’ve got to have something floating around in my brain!

  3. Cathy says:

    Oh my goodness, Marty, that is amazing! What a lot of work to put into that project; but then, “eat chocolate” days are totally worth it. Your fabric journal is so cool, I just love it.

    And also, hey! I don’t recall being distracted with brown and pink ribbon while being kept away from balloon fabric. Though I do recall seeing a considerable amount of attention being drawn to butterfly fabrics, perhaps as a subterfuge.

    Also also, I’m not sure a fabric journal is something that should be “finished.” Shouldn’t it continue on in perpetuity?

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