My Brush With Fame!

Barbara from Joggles called me!!!!! This was unbelievably more exciting than all those robo-calls from John McCain and Joe Lieberman last week.

So I hear a few of you saying, “Huh?” The following are excused for not knowing who Barbara is and where Joggles is: Those whose current textile interest is in diaper wipes. Those who have Fallen into the Deep Pit of Yarn Lust. Those who have just finished Big Boy Quilts. Those who went to a new quilt store in biking distance of the Cute Little House, even if she didn’t bike. is a really cool website that has just about everything a crafter, mixed media artist, or dollmaker could want. I found this website several months ago, and I signed up for the weekly newsletter. The newsletter describes all the new and back-in-stock products for the week, with links to each one. It’s a trip to go through the list each Sunday evening. I drool. And Barbara is the one who writes the newsletter and generally runs Joggles.

Of course, I would like to try almost everything they have. This may be a result of seeing all the different things members of the Fiber Arts Guild are doing. (Get a grip, Lady!) Since I have been floundering around artistically (or what passes for artistic around here…) after the Incredible Gift Bag Episode, I decided to expand my horizons and sign up for an online class. I chose Mixed Media Surfaces

I’ll get to try all sorts of things I’ve only read about. It should be fun, fun, fun–and possibly messy, messy, messy! And very crackpotty!

Yesterday I took advantage of the clear weather to search for the supplies at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Michael’s. I couldn’t find everything. Paverpol and Mulberry Bark are not all that easy to find. So this afternoon I placed my order for the remaining supplies with Joggles. I also sent along an inquiry about whether the Paverpol would freeze.

I had barely logged off when Barbara–the Barbara–called with an answer about the Paverpol. Wow! What fast service! And the order will be shipped tomorrow!

I am totally pumped about this class!!! It starts a week from today, so look for a progress report in about ten days.

The Renegade Militant Seamstresses met today. We learned several nifty clothing construction techniques. It started to snow in the early afternoon so I came home without even going to the bead store. But the result of the day is that I have another beaded button gig. This will be for the sewing guild of the large city to our east. It will be at their August picnic. I’m excited. Last year they had about 40 people at the picnic so it will be a big group. Just more fun!

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