Next Class Project

I finished my next project for the Mixed Media Surface Design class.

ring notebook

This little ring notebook is made with torn book pages on tear-away stabilizer as the base. Now before any librarian types get upset, the book was Europe: The Rough Guide 1988. Slightly out of date. My original concept included additional foreign travel embellishments.

Imagine this message on your machine: Hi, Rebecca! It’s Mom. Can I have your money? Talk to you later. Bye.

That’s exactly the message I left. The money I was after has been on the bulletin board in the Room Soon to Be Known as the Room Formerly Known as Pink. She brought it back from the 1993 Rotary students in Denmark tour of Europe. For some of these bills, there is no longer a country. Others have been discontinued in favor of the euro. And there may be some whose main value is in the paper they’re printed on. But not to worry–more projects are coming–I’ll use them later…


Not sure where that bill from Uruguay came from…

Back to the project. After the torn paper, the next layer was cheesecloth. This was all stuck together with an acrylic gel medium. Now that is gooey stuff. I’d never worked with it before and I got it all over my hands. Next time I’ll know better. But if you want to obscure your fingerprints for some nefarious purpose, this is your stuff.

Then it was painted with fabric paint and left to dry. Decorative fibers, perle cotton, and yarn scraps were scattered on the top. A layer of tulle was fused over the top to hold everything together.

When I was done, the notebook looked unfinished. So I painted some lace purple and glued it around the edges.

Another fun project! And there are more future project pieces drying in the basement!

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