Three Drawer Box

The three drawer box is finished!


The fabric recipe is light blue felt, cheesecloth painted teal and purple, a few tissue paper fragments, blue tulle, stamping with silver and pearl turquoise to even out the tone, decorative yarn, lace and other fibers (some painted teal with Glimmer Mist), a few Angelina fibers, and purple tulle.

box fabric

I was waiting for more Misty Fuse to arrive so I used the closest thing I found–Fine Fuse from Quilters’ Resource. It is not quite as soft as Misty Fuse, but it worked pretty well.

I was quite pleased with the way the outer fabric turned out. I think it’s the two colors of tulle that I like.

As I was putting it together, I decided there was too much contrast between the inside and the outside of the box. So I used a sponge to stamp silver, pink and purple on the lining fabric.

The beads were some I picked up for 10 cents each with the knowledge I would use them somewhere… I used a variegated perle cotton to sew them on and I deliberately left the thread tails on the inside.

open box

Now, what to put in this little treasure chest?

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