Cool!!…but now what?

By Ann

These are two “Arrowhead” blocks that I pieced during our last visit to the Cute Little House following directions in the Nov-Dec. Quiltmaker. The piecing technique starts with two 8″ squares of fabric that are stitched together around the edges, leaving two strategically placed gaps in the seam. The blocks are then cut so as to yield 4 triangles, two halves of a 4-patch, and 4 “arrowheads” that are then stitched together to make the completed 9″ block. The fabrics are from my friend Lorene, who has been de-stashing her sewing room, much to my amazement and puzzlement. [Note: this was a minor de-stashing that took place about a year ago, probably as a warm-up to the much more recent de-stashing that yielded 4 boxes of fabric and notions that we Crackpots will explore and disperse over Thanksgiving weekend.]

But now that I have these very cool blocks, what shall I do with them?? I have enough fabric to make 2 more blocks. I’m thinking of an apron with 1 block as the bib and two or three more (probably two on point) at the bottom of the skirt. I am in desperate need of new aprons since my 8-10 year old ones are showing some signs of wear. So, maybe after Christmas and the 2010 Crackpot summer quilt, and the wall quilt for the CLH…..

3 Responses to “Cool!!…but now what?”

  1. Nancy says:

    Neat! I like the apron idea. Or maybe a table runner? I’m not sure that you use table runners since your dining room table is a circle, though. Maybe a square table topper?

  2. Ann says:

    I like the table topper idea, Nancy. And gracious! You appear to be reading the blog on your cell phone while en route from IN to MI. Will these modern wonders never cease? But wait, how do you get to the internet while in a moving car? Or did you find free wifi at Panera??

  3. Marty says:

    I agree. A table runner would be great!

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