Fabric Fun

by Nancy

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have fallen in love with Petal Path from Quiltmaker’s March/April 2012 magazine. I am, however, being unusually self-disciplined and not allowing myself to start it it until I finish my Tulip Applique. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try out fabrics! So, here’s what I found in a trip to my stash the other day:


This is the first fabric I picked out. I like the soft colors and the print, though it is a bit smaller than the flower print shown in the pattern. Still, I think it could work.


Number Two is more of a butterfly print than a flower print, but I think that’s still allowed. It does have quite a bit of white background, which might be too much white if I use white for the background of the applique, too.


There’s this one, which I also like a lot, but which is also small-scale and has a white background.


Ooh, now we’re getting somewhere! I love this fabric! I love tulips! My Tulip Applique is still in progress, so this would have to be Tulip Applique 2. Is that too many tulips? Tulips remind me of one of my favorite places to be, both at the Festival time of year and at Other Times. 🙂 It is a directional fabric, so if I want to use it for both the vertical and horizontal panels, I will have to make sure I have enough. And then, should the applique be tulips instead of the flowers shown in the pattern? Is it still Petal Path if I change it to tulips? Or maybe Tiptoe through the Tulips? I’ll have to consult my go-to flower applique book to see about tulips for this…

But wait! Before I spend too much time pondering tulips, here is a fabric I think I like even better:


Wow! Isn’t this fabric great? It was purchased in the Wonderful Fabric Store in my favorite Tulip City. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I loved it, so I bought it. (Having a gift certificate certainly helped!) I am definitely leaning toward this one. Of course, I still have a whole corner plus a little more hand quilting to go on my other project before I can start this one, so I have time to mull it over. But what color should the background for the applique be? White? Light blue? So much fun to think about! Crackpot input is always welcome…

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  1. Marty says:

    I agree–the last fabric! I think the shapes of the flowers in the print echo the applique shapes. And the Wonderful Fabric Store is still full of fabric!

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