First Yarn Along

by Nancy

Yarn Along 2-15-12

A blog which I enjoy reading, Small Things, has a Wednesday Yarn Along, where people post what they are reading and what they are knitting or crocheting. I think it’s a nice idea, so today I am writing my first Yarn Along post.

Right now I am having a great time working on the granny squares for a vest I’d like to make. The squares are so quick and fun to make. I had a long meeting at church Sunday night, and these were the perfect thing to work on. I have enough of the squares now to connect some up so I can see what one of the front sides will look like. That is the group of 9 squares you see at the bottom. The squares at the top are additional squares that haven’t been joined in yet. So far I am happy with it.

I’m re-reading the first Harry Potter book. 🙂 I usually like to read nonfiction because there are so many things I am curious about. But lately I haven’t been getting far in my more serious, nonfiction picks, so I went for something more fun. It’s been a long time since I read Harry Potter, and I’m definitely enjoying reading it again.

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  1. Ann says:

    Very pretty, Nancy. I like the way the small holes in each square line up to make a diagonal grid across the “fabric.”. It’s going to be a cute vest!

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