Day off!

by Cathy

In a fit of spontaneous genius, last week I put in for a vacation day today for no apparent reason (other than it’s been a really grueling semester for both Chris and me and we’re plum worn out, and James’s preschool is still in session). So of course I had to play with fabric!

First, I pre-washed a bunch of fabric that I’ve had hanging around for a long time — some of it maybe since last summer’s trip to The Fabric Store!  It dried in about 5 minutes on the clothesline, which was just fine.

Then I got some work done on a project I’ve been dabbling around with for a while:

It’s a string quilt, made from scraps from nearly every quilting project I’ve ever worked on!  I’m very excited about it, because there are bits and pieces of all kinds of wonderful things in there, and because it’s all scraps: even the muslin that the pieces are sewn onto!  I’ve been saving these “too small for much of anything” scraps for a long time, and finally working them into a quilt has been really fun.

At first I planned to sew the “strings” to each other directly, as the old quilts would have done, but now I’m thinking I might put sashing between each of the pieces, mostly because with all the seams, and the muslin backing, the strings are pretty thick and inflexible, and sewing them directly to each other would be pretty bulky and bumpy.   I’m about to sit down and sort though all my scraps and see if I can find an appropriate dark solid to use as sashing.

2 Responses to “Day off!”

  1. Ann says:

    Very cool! I think I see Thomas in there, and some Bug Quilt, and chickens. I think sashing would look nice. I’m eager to see what you come up with.
    And let’s hear it for taking a day off for No Apparent Reason!

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow! That is really cool. How big is it? I love finding scraps from quilts I made a long time ago – it’s like finding old friends!

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