Crackpotty Backing

by Nancy

Here it is, and it is very crackpotty! This is the completed backing for the Crackpot Round Robin Quilt. I started it during the All Together Week Quilt Day and completed it today. It’s very unplanned and uses the largest leftover pieces of fabric from the quilt.

So, what happens next? Should I keep it until next summer, when we can layer, baste, and quilt it? Should I mail it to a willing Crackpot for layering and basting? Should I mail it out without warning or instructions to a unsuspecting Crackpot?



2 Responses to “Crackpotty Backing”

  1. Ann says:

    Very cool! Very Crackpotty! As to what to do next, I favor mailing it to an unsuspecting Crackpot as the most Crackpotty idea. But if it comes to me, I’m sure I will bring it to all together week next year for all of us to work on.(-:

  2. Marty says:

    I think it works well as a backing. I found a couple of little pieces of the fabric on the sewing machine table after everyone left. The interesting one is a block of quarter square triangles that will finish to 2.25 inches. Maybe we could use that on the signature square.

    As to what to do now, I don’t know. Maybe we should think about whether we want to make a quilt top together next year since that might affect the decision.

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