Crackpots: The Next Generation

On Christmas morning, this was my present from James, which he made at school:

IMG_2264It looks like a cloth bag with sticks in it, right?

Well, that’s kind of what it is — actually, it’s a cloth bag with sticks and stones, that makes a tic-tac-toe game:

IMG_2258But the real treat is the cloth bag.  See, the art teacher sewed the channel for the ribbon tie across the top on her sewing machine, but then James himself sewed the side and bottom seam in a simple running stitch (click the photo to see it in more detail):

IMG_2263Not bad, eh? Especially for a seven-year-old.  I’m impressed!  (I also love how he backstitched at the end of the seam: I don’t know if he was told to do that, or if he was copying what he’s seen me do at my sewing machine, but either way it’s adorable.)  Maybe for his birthday I should put together a simple sewing kit for him to work on a few projects… 🙂

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  1. Ann says:

    Very cute – ande useful! Obviously he is following in the footsteps of all his female relatives. (-:

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