Crackpotty Update

All right, a small crackpotty update. I haven’t yet taken pictures of any recent projects, but I hope to get around to that at some point.

Current knitting projects:
Last night I cast on for a hat for myself. It’ll be some sort of Fair Isle-esque pattern and have earflaps. I figured an earflap hat would be good for running in really cold weather – the hat I made earlier in the winter is great for merely cold weather. It’s a true crackpot project. I’d found a pattern I liked, except it was the wrong gauge, I would switch it from top-down knitting to bottom-up, make the top shaping different, and change some of the color pattern. Ok, mainly I liked the snowflake pattern, earflaps, and applied i-cord edging. Of course, once I figured out my gauge for knitting the hat, it turns out that the snowflake pattern isn’t a width that will fit evenly into my stitch count, so I’ll have to re-think that. Maybe I can fit the snowflake pattern on the earflaps, though.

Also in progress, I have socks and a rug.

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