Whimsy Twins

Here, with a little luck, is a photo of the Whimsy Twins, the name I have given to the critters Rebecca knitted for all of us for Christmas. Rebecca, as you can see, creativity begets creativity. First, it was clear to me that your little critters needed faces, and that brought me to my button box. As you can see, they do indeed have faces. But my button box also contained a cow button and some beetle buttons that clearly needed to be used. So the Twins became Beetle Belly and Cow Tummy. Then I filled their bodies with dried navy beans and stitched them up, so now the Twins can stand up on their own. For now, they will hang out in the general vicinity of my sewing table until Nicholas and Andrew arrive to play with them.

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  1. Ann says:

    Ooops. No photo. I guess I will have to ask our Web Guru for instructions on how to get a photo from iPhoto into the web site. Cathy, I already know how to export a photo to my desk top and how to change its size in pixels. What I did with the Whimsy Twins photo was just to type in the file name and extension in the window that says, “File name.” Then I think I chose “small Thumbnail,” which I now know I shouldn’ have done. When I clicked “upload” it said “upload successful,” or whatever, and gave me that big huge file name. But it also said that there were 0kb in the file, so I was suspicious. I hope this helps you figure out where I went wrong.

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi Ann!

    Okay, I think there may be two problems here. I definitely see that there is a file in the correct location called “whimsytwins.jpg” (or rather, there was a file there, but I’ll get to that in a minute..) but that its file size was 0kb, and I couldn’t open it as a graphics file. So something clearly went wrong with the upload.

    I think the first problem was when you typed the filename into the box that says “Filename.” You need to tell the computer not just the name of the file, but also its location, which is where the button that says something like “Browse” or “Choose file” comes in.* If you click on this button, it should allow you to navigate to wherever the file is stored on your computer (in your case, on the desktop) and then select it. That way the computer will know the full directory path to where the file is stored.

    *By the way, thank you for pointing this out to me! I didn’t realize that the interface for uploading files is different in different browsers. In Safari, which I used for the screenshots and instructions, there is no “Filename” box!

    The second problem is that once you successfully upload a file, and it gives you that long string of gibberish that begins with …

  3. Cathy says:

    … Well goodness. That was unfortunate! Half of my comment got eaten up by the blog. I have a pretty good idea why, but it’s frustrating, because I wrote a lot of stuff that I’m going to have to reconstruct now.

    Anyway, I was saying that you need to copy and paste the long string of gibberish that you get when you upload a file. It begins with a less-than sign, and then the letters “img src” and goes on from there until it ends with a greater-than sign. You need to copy and paste those less-than and greater-than signs, and all the text in between them, into your entry. You may have done that, and it got eaten by the blog, in which case something really weird is happening.

    So, I’ve deleted the whimsytwing.jpg file that was 0kb, so that you can try uploading it again and not run into problems because there’s already a file with that name. Try uploading it again, and editing your entry to paste in the long string of gibberish, and if that doesn’t work, let me know!

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