My Online Class

For the past month I have been taking an online class through It is Mixed Media Surface Design for the Textile Artist. Sue Bleiweiss is the instructor for this class (, It has been way too much fun!

The class focuses on using fabric, paper, paint, and all sorts of embellishments to create fabric for other projects. We’ve used tissue paper, pattern paper, paper towels, mulberry bark, paper bags, and silk hankies (unspun silk) to make fabric to use for a vase, little books, a box, and a portfolio. The class has given me the confidence to try some materials I have read about.

I wasn’t sure how I would like the online format, but I am very pleased. Class members are sent a new lesson to download each week. The directions are quite clear, and there are lots of pictures. Sue Bleiweiss is available to answer email questions for the most part of every day. I’ve also enjoyed the online forum where class members share their experiences and post photos of their work, but this is optional, and not everyone participates. The written lessons work well for me because I’m a “read the directions to learn” person. If you were a “watch the demonstration” person, I’m not sure it would work as well. I also like the extended time to ponder my options. I can spend time rooting around in my stash (or perpetrating an Economic Stimulus Package at one of the local craft or fabric stores) to find exactly what I want to use.

I’m pretty sure I’m not an artist, but some of the people in the class are. It has been fun to look at their blogs and websites.

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