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Fun with Beads

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Here are the results of some of the fun I’ve had with beads recently. It’s addictive!

This bag matches a vest I made. Now I need to go somewhere appropriate for glitz…

This started out to be a frame for a nametag that would be worn at a conference. It got more and more elaborate, and the occasion passed. I still need to do the engineering part so that it can be used as a frame for something.

I found some tri-fold cards with a window at Michael’s, and I can put little beaded squares (4.7 cm) in the windows. This is the perfect project for beads as the beaded projects have the potential to be actually useful!


Nesting Project: Four Blocks Completed

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Hello! So in my copious spare time, now that I’m not working (and when I’m not busy gestating), I’ve been making some progress on the “nesting” project. I now have four completed blocks, which I think is all I’m going to aim for. Here they are, all together:

all four blocks

Clockwise from upper left, they are: Memory Wreath, Joseph’s Coat, One Union Square, and Christmas Star. I put them on some blue fabric because I think I’m going to finish them all together with blue sashing of some sort, though almost certainly NOT this fabric.

Here is a closeup of Joseph’s Coat, by far the most difficult of all of the blocks as far as piecing, especially since the pattern I had was for a 15-inch block and I had to re-draft it for a 12-inch block:


And here is a closeup of Christmas Star, which is the one that I’m the least satisfied with. I had to resort to paper piecing for parts of this block, and the piecing is very inaccurate in places. Also, I’m really not happy with the pink in this block; it just doesn’t have enough contrast with the surrounding fabrics. The green and blue have the same problem, but I think I could live with them if the pink had more punch. I may actually re-do this block, though I dread the prospect:

Christmas Star

And here are all four blocks in the nursery itself, where you can see that they don’t entirely clash with the peach-colored walls:

Blocks on the wall in the nursery

The next step will be deciding how to work the sashing, border(s), etc. I’d love to do something scrappy with the (many, many) leftover scraps, but I need to come up with some ideas first.

It’s a torso!

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Whew! I’m done with the body of my Fair Isle sweater. Now I just have to do the sleeves and the front and neckbands.

Hillswick Lumber Body