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Latest crackpot project

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

The past few weekends I worked on a crackpot project that has been long in coming – painting my bedroom. I bought my condo 5 years ago, and all the painted surfaces (walls and ceilings) have been a color I refer to as Contractor Beige the entire time. I’d been planning on painting my bedroom blue for most of those 5 years. The beautiful blue skies and buildings we saw in Morocco finally pushed me over the edge.

Here’s the result:

Some thoughts on painting…

  1. People who say painting is cheap must already own their painting supplies. And buy cheap paint. I didn’t have any paint supplies, and a trip to the local home store with a long list of everything but the paint set me back about $200. Add in high-quality paint, and the price keeps going up.
  2. Painting the ceiling is no fun at all. When using white paint on white primer, it’s really hard to figure out which areas have been painted and which haven’t.
  3. When the guy at the paint store recommends a product, believe him. The edger is great.
  4. No-VOC paint is great for people (like me!) sensitive to paint fumes. I used Benjamin Moore Natura and I didn’t notice any aroma until I was nearly done with the room – and even then, it was vastly less smelly than normal paint. I ended up having to do two coats on the walls, but according to the woman I talked to at the paint store when I picked up the second gallon, that’s fairly common for this paint. I’d much rather do two non-smelly coats than one smelly coat.
  5. Taking a ceiling fan/light down requires two people, but it is possible for one person to put it back up.
  6. When the fan manual doesn’t know what color the wires coming out of the ceiling are, consult the internet – there is a standard configuration.
  7. I hadn’t expected painting to be quite so much work, or give me as much of a sense of accomplishment. I had some help for moving things out of the room, but did all the prep and painting and moving things back into the room all by myself.

I still need to do some touch-up work (blue spots on the ceiling – whoops!). But that can wait.

Korean Tissue Box Covers

Monday, June 21st, 2010

As promised, here are two photos of my Korean tissue box cover. As you can see it is designed for the large rectangular boxes of tissues, not the boutique boxes. It could easily be modified to fit the small rectangular boxes. Or quite probably almost any box you have in mind. Within reason.

Here is the cover in use:

And here it is without the tissues. Just a simple rectangle. Well, OK, it is embellished with those cool Asian knots, but those are not essential.

Crackpot Summer Plans?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

by Nancy

It’s about a month until All Together Week – yay! What would crackpots like to do this year? The traditional making of blocks for a charity or Project Linus quilt or top? What pattern? I like the past year’s Project Linus kites, but I’m open to anything. Or do we want to do something different? Everyone get together and sew on our current projects? A workshop by Marty on making little zippered bags? A workshop by me on making a reusable shopping tote?

What do all of you think?